Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's a New Year! Time for me to think about getting it together. Gonna be more healthy, gonna get things done! I should eat more vegetables. I should get more exercise too. Hey- maybe I'll grow my own vegetables and get some exercise while I do it!

But it's January, and it's snowing. OK, so right now I'll just Plan a garden that will happen this spring/summer.
This is Fun! Just me and the Territorial Seed catalog, and those 6 other seed catalogs, hanging out here, planning and dreaming. Those 20 packs of seeds from the last couple of years may not still be good....should go ahead and try some new things.   All those new things!!
 OK - There's my seed order list.

 Hmm, Looks like I'll need about 4 acres, several strong helpers, multiple dump truck loads of compost, a large cistern or two for water, and 50 hungry people to plant, grow, harvest, and eat everything I think I'd like to try growing. Hmm - that's not going to work in my 7200 sq. feet.....and I don't really want to start a commune. Guess I should probably scale back.

 Hey- maybe I can integrate veggies into the border garden in the front yard! Love that! Then again,  the local rabbits would be the ones to Really love that.         ...Damn rabbits.

How about herbs instead of veggies in the border garden? Oooh, even Better--how about starting a Permaculture forest in the border garden based on a little fruit tree- maybe an apple tree. Oh yeah, apple pies, and butterflies, and bees and shrubs and...ooh - I could start a hive! Great!

Um, Wait a minute. That would be great right up until the neighbor sprays all his trees with the who-knows-what chemicals he uses. No, I can't be responsible for leading bees to their potential deaths in a dangerous neighborhood! Nope. Back to herbs...

What do I use? Chives, and Parsley, and Sage, Rosemary and Thyme... Ha! I can never think about herbs without wandering into that great old song. Hmmm. Growing those herbs around an old apple tree would look cool. But it would have to be a new apple tree since I don't have one yet. And how would I harvest the apples without trampling the herbs? Wonder how they do that? Who is They?

 Maybe berries would be good. But not under a tree. more blueberries in the backyard. That would be good! And look pretty. Yum, in summer I can grab a handful of blueberries to put in my yogurt for breakfast out in the sun...I remember sun. Reminds me, I need to go grocery shopping, remember to buy yogurt. Y'know - I'm hungry. Aha, leftover Christmas candy. Mmmm, chocolate and peppermint.

 Oh yeah, I'm gonna get it together this year!

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NCmountainwoman said...

Too funny! That's about how my own mind rambles on these winter days. Thanks for the chuckle.